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Catalog AVERO 240
  • AVERO 240. Advantages.

    • Up to 20% more throughput with APS without any increase in fuel consumption
    • Large, soundproofed cab for a quiet environment which allows you to focus on your work
    • Visual returns checked from the operator’s seat through the illuminated inspection window
    • Versatile multifunction control lever and CLAAS Information System (CIS) for optimal interaction between operator and machine
    • VARIO cutterbars improve performance by up to 10% due to even crop flow
    • CONSPEED LINEAR and the folding cutterbar or the FLEX cutterbar provide versatile harvesting solutions

    1. Comfort cab
    2. Intensive separation system
    3. Perkins engine
    4. PROFI CAM
    5. Straw chopper
    6. 3D-cleaning system
    7. High-performance straw walker

    8. High-velocity cleaning blower
    9. APS (AVERO 240)
    10. Hydrostatic reel drive
    11. Folding dividers
    12. VARIO table
    13. MultiCoupler
    14. CIS

    Threshing system / widthmmAPS / 1060
    Grain tankl5600
    Engine Stage IV (Tier 4)Perkins 1206 F-E70TA
    Engine Stage III (Tier 3A)Perkins 1106 D-E70TA
    Maximum engine power (ECE R 120)kW (CV)151/205

    AVERO 240 with APS threshing system.
    • Greatly improved acceleration of the crop flow
    • Higher centrifugal forces
    • Separation of up to 30% of the grain in the pre-cleaning concave

    CLAAS threshing system.
    The AVERO 160 is equipped with the classic CLAAS threshing unit. Clean threshing, protective grain handling, optimal deawning and high separation efficiency deliver best grain quality.

    The compact CIS terminal is ergonomically integrated in the operating panel and gives the operator a quick overview of important information for the combine.

    Active fluffing.
    The residual grain separation is accomplished over a total length of 3.9 metres across four straw walker steps. Even large volumes of straw are transported rapidly and loosely.

  • The cab. Everything that makes
 good operators better.

    Spacious cab.
    It was a long working day, but it didn’t feel like one. When this is the thought in your mind as you park your AVERO for the night, our engineers have achieved their goal.

    They created a cab that’s so comfortable and ergonomic that the operator can focus entirely on his work. Attractive design, plenty of space, good visibility on all sides and easy-to-operate instruments make a day harvesting in the AVERO as stress-free as it gets.

    Spacious, exceptionally quiet cab:

    • A well-organised operating panel with superior ergonomics
    • Steering column with three-way adjustment
    • A comfortable passenger seat
    • A/C MATIC automatic climate control
    • In-cab master terminal compartment
    • Illuminated inspection window for monitoring returns
    • Threshing concave controls

    The AVERO also offers the same easy, convenient operation as the LEXION and the TUCANO. For example, the cutterbar, threshing unit and grain tank offloading are activated via electrohydraulic circuits.

    Powerful lighting.
    The lighting in the AVERO ensures excellent visibility during the twilight hours and in the dark. Up to eight work lights ensure optimal lighting of your immediate work environment. In addition to the legally required lighting for on-road use, the AVERO can also be equipped with extra lighting for folding front attachments.

    Furthermore, the following functional areas are equipped with spotlights to ensure the best visibility night and day:

    • Returns check
    • Grain tank
    • Grain tank discharge auger tube
    • Sieve pans

    Electrically adjustable rear-view mirrors as well as front and side roller blinds for an optimal view.

  • Intelligent harvest aids at work.

    The productivity of a harvest job is determined by how well an operator controls the combine. With its ergonomically shaped multifunction lever, the AVERO offers outstanding driving comfort and ease of operation.

    The multifunction lever is used to regulate ground speed and control many other functions conveniently:

    • Direction of travel
    • Cutterbar and reel settings
    • Cutterbar brake
    • Grain tank offloading ON / OFF
    • Pivoting the grain tank discharge auger

    Well-organised information terminal.

    The compact CIS terminal is ergonomically integrated in the operating panel and gives the operator a quick overview of a wide variety of important machine data. Thus the interaction between the operator and the machine can be continuously optimised during a job.

    PROFI CAM – everything in view.


    All AVERO models can be equipped with a PROFI CAM on the rear hood. This camera position has been chosen precisely to allow two areas to be monitored simultaneously on a colour display from the comfort of the cab:

    • Distribution of chopped material / straw deposition
    • Rear of machine when reversing

    Up to four cameras can be connected to the system and simultaneously feed their images to the colour monitor in the cab.

  • Unique APS threshing system.


    The AVERO 240 is the first in its class with APS. The distinct competitive edge of this trend-setting threshing system appears well before the threshing drum as the dramatic acceleration of the crop flow from 3 m/s to 20 m/s triggers a chain of extremely efficient processes:

    • The pre-accelerator separates the crop more thoroughly
    • The crop flow is particularly even and up to 33% faster
    • Higher centrifugal forces sort considerably more grain
    • Up to 30% of all grains are already sorted in the pre-separation concave directly below the accelerator, significantly reducing the load on the main concave

    Thus there is a net performance increase of up to 20% with no rise in fuel consumption. APS really pays.

    Versatile pre-separation concave.
    The pre-separation concave is designed as a MULTICROP concave and can therefore handle any crop. The option of quickly changing two concave sieves minimises setup time and maximises efficiency.

    Long threshing channel.
    In the CLAAS APS threshing system, we’ve succeeded in wrapping the main concave much farther around the threshing drum than in conventional machines. No other threshing unit offers an angle of wrap of 151°. You benefit from gentle but thorough threshing with a large concave clearance and low drum speed with reduced fuel consumption.

    Large stone trap.
    The large stone trap ensures a high degree of safety. It is easy to open from the side and is self-emptying.

    Improved grain quality.
    For optimal deawning and decortication, the APS threshing system is equipped with multi-level adjustment options and additional components. These include, for example, the intensive threshing unit and the deawning plates. The deawning plates are activated in mere seconds with a lever above the feeder housing.

    Together with the other APS benefits, the result is impressive: optimal separation efficiency combined with outstanding harvest quality.

    Straw walker technology. Saving the right way.

    The CLAAS compact principle.
    The APS threshing system works so efficiently that the residual grain separation system in the AVERO 240 requires fewer straw walkers than you’d expect. Thanks to APS, 90% of the grain is already separated from the straw. Four straw walkers with four steps take care of the remaining 10%.

    The AVERO 240 processes as much as a comparable machine with five straw walkers without APS, but has the compact dimensions of a machine with four straw walkers. This has a noticeable economic impact. The AVERO 160 also delivers above-average performance for its size: the classic CLAAS threshing unit works perfectly in combination with the four straw walkers.

    Four straw walker steps.
    The four straw walkers of the AVERO have been completely redesigned and adapted to the high-performance APS threshing system. Residual grain separation is accomplished over a total length of 3,900 mm across four straw walker steps. Centre and side extensions available. Even large volumes of straw are transported rapidly and loosely.

    Active fluffing.
    In addition, the straw undergoes intensive separation with controlled agitator tines. Agitator tines located above each straw walker dig deep into the straw, loosening and fluffing it to ensure a rapid straw flow and a thin layer of straw for the last grains to escape and effectively increase separation efficiency.

    Complete control.
    AVERO provides you with numerous monitoring aids for optimal utilisation of the installed features of the machine and to achieve the best possible threshing quality:

    • Throughput monitor for the residual grain separation system and cleaning in the CIS
    • Yield recording and fuel consumption measurement with CIS
    • Returns fed back to threshing unit
    • Illuminated inspection window for monitoring returns
    • Crop monitoring in the grain tank via a large inspection window

    A look into the grain tank: clean work.

    Large grain tank.
    Once the threshing unit, straw walker and cleaning section have done their work, the cleaned grain is collected in the grain tank. One of the strengths of the AVERO is its capacity of up to 5600 litres. However, this is but one of its many impressive attributes.

    • Easy grain sampling
    • High overhead discharge height
    • Ideal weight distribution
    • Good view into grain tank
    • Grain tank cover can be operated from operator’s platform
    • Fast, direct offloading
    • Smooth surfaces for fast, complete emptying

    Powerful fan.
    The AVERO has a high-performance fan for the best grain cleaning. Its speed can be controlled from the cab, providing constant air pressure and even distribution of air across the sieves to handle the varying loads of crop. Forced air guidance prevents the formation of crop mats.

    In addition, the AVERO is equipped with the impressive features of the 3-D cleaning system developed by CLAAS:

    • Dynamic side slope levelling via active control of the upper sieve
    • Completely consistent performance on side slopes up to 20%
    • No wear – completely maintenance free
    • Fast, simple retrofitting

    Direct view.
    Sometimes a glance into the grain tank can tell you more than any number of sensors. A large inspection window in the back of the AVERO cab enables visual yield monitoring, so the returns are seen comfortably from the operator’s seat. The inspection window is illuminated for better visibility.

    Removable preparation floor.
    Pre-sorting of the grains (bottom) and the chaff and broken straw (top) takes place on the preparation floor. The resulting reduction of the load on the upper sieve increases cleaning capacity. The preparation floor can be removed easily for cleaning when the harvest is completed.

    Straw management. From small and short to long and loose.

    Short chopped material.
    The AVERO distributes the uniformly short-chopped straw over the entire cutterbar width and blows it deep into the stubble. The discharge width is easily adjustable.

    The CLAAS choppers are also equipped with a shear bar. Both components can be individually adjusted and thus adapted to the varying straw conditions. This ensures that no blade is left uncut. Chopping takes place using rotating knives and a stationary cutting comb.

    Top-quality straw.
    The AVERO handles long straw very gently. Thanks to the protective threshing and separation process, the straw retains its full original structure, which is ideal for high-quality bedding straw. When the straw chopper is switched off, the swath is layered loosely, allowing it to dry quickly and be baled easily.

    PROFI CAM – everything in view.
    All AVERO models can be equipped with a PROFI CAM on the rear hood. This camera position has been chosen precisely to allow two areas to be monitored simultaneously on a colour display from the comfort of the cab:

    • Distribution of chopped material / straw deposition
    • Rear of machine when reversing

    Up to four cameras can be connected to the system and simultaneously feed their images to the colour monitor in the cab.

  • Engine. Using brawn and brains to get the job done.

    Top performance.
    The rugged PERKINS engine offers plenty of reserve capacity and powers the AVERO through long, productive work sessions even under tough field conditions. State-of-the-art technology keeps diesel consumption remarkably low.

    The AVERO complies with the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard thanks to SCR (selective catalytic reduction) in combination with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and a diesel particulate filter. The urea solution required for the SCR reaction is carried in a 30-litre tank. No additional exhaust aftertreatment equipment is required for compliance with the Stage IIIA (Tier 3) emissions standard.

    The new generation of Perkins engines with outputs of 116 kW / 158 hp (AVERO 160) and 151 kW / 205 hp (AVERO 240) allows the machines to be operated productively for extended periods, even under difficult field conditions.

    • Optimised combustion process
    • Improved engine running characteristics
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Optimal power transmission
    • Up to 400 l fuel tank capacity

    Intelligent ground drive.
    No engaging and disengaging the clutch, no shifting gears – just full concentration on the harvest. You control the innovative, hydrostatic ground drive of the AVERO conveniently and comfortably with the multifunction lever.

    Such operating comfort enhances performance. You can turn faster and adapt the ground speed immediately to the changing field conditions. The high pump volume ensures responsive handling under all conditions.

  • Maintenance. Compact, but bigon user-friendliness.

    Easy maintenance.

    • Pivoting radiator frame for fast manual cleaning
    • Large, continuous side panels for unimpeded access
    • Easy access to the engine compartment and other maintenance areas with a mobile, foldable ladder
    • Rear hood opens if necessary
    • Long service intervals
    • Lubrication banks
    • Storage box for tools

    Fast access.
    Maintenance is very simple, requiring little effort or time, while the service intervals for the AVERO are long. All important maintenance points are easily accessible, and the best part is that much of the work can be done quickly by the operator.

    New: intelligent cooling system with automatic dust extraction.

    The AVERO works with an extremely efficient common cooling system for the engine, hydraulics and climate control system. Automatic dust extraction continuously cleans the hydraulically rotating radiator frame and provides optimal cooling while it significantly reduces soiling of the cooling ribs. The radiator frame can be pivoted for better cleaning.

  • Cutterbar mount. Designed to use the successful LEXION and TUCANO attachments.

    Standardised front attachments.

    The compact AVERO was developed to unite a wide variety of options at a high standard, offering optimal throughput performance and long-term reliability combined with great versatility and minimal setup time.

    The AVERO has the same cutterbar mount as the LEXION and TUCANO. Our top machines also served as the model for the development of further high quality performance and equipment features.

    Practical central locking.

    A single lever on the left side of the cutterbar operates all locks simultaneously.

    • Safe, fast locking mechanism
    • Fast, simple attachment and removal of the cutterbar

    Central MultiCoupler.
    The AVERO has only one connector to link all hydraulic and electric functions to the cutterbar.

    • Saves time with fewer tasks for attachment and removal
    • No danger of confusion thanks to the integrated design
    • Easy to connect, even under pressure
    • Environmentally friendly with no oil leakage

    Replacement knife bar and crop lifters.
    All CLAAS cutterbars are equipped with a replacement knife bar ex-factory. The knife sections are made of hardened material and are therefore extremely durable. The use of crop lifters enables pickup of laid crops in particular without loss while reducing the intake of stones. Crop lifter replacements can be carried conveniently on the back of the cutterbar.

    Hydrostatic reel drive.
    A variable displacement pump on the basic machine supplies a maximum torque of 1000 Nm at the reel.

    • Plenty of pulling power thanks to high torque
    • Greater efficiency than gear pumps
    • Closed hydraulic circuit for optimal reel rotation
    • Fast adjustment of the reel speed

    Hydraulic reverse.
    Blockages are taken care of easily; the hydraulic system enables protective reversing with high starting torque. The hydraulic reverse can be actuated conveniently with a toggle switch in the cab. The direction of rotation of the hydraulic reel drive also changes automatically, providing additional support for the reversing procedure.

    Adjustable stripper rails.
    The spacing between the stripper rails and the intake auger can be conveniently set externally on the C 490, C 430 and C 370 cutterbars.

    Robust trailer for road transport.
    Everything to save you time: The trailer provides compact, convenient and safe storage for the cutterbar. It is locked in seconds with two bolts. Made-to-measure compartments are designed for transporting the accessories you need for harvesting rapeseed. The rubber-coated floor provides non-slip, protective, theft-proof storage.

    Automated cutterbar control. Top cutting quality – automatically.

    Optimum ground contour following.
    In order to ensure optimum following of the ground contours, CLAAS cutterbars are equipped with the CLAAS CONTOUR and AUTO CONTOUR automatic cutterbar control systems for ideal results at all times.

    The cutterbar with CLAAS CONTOUR adapts automatically to uneven ground along the direction of travel. Choose a ground pressure and CONTOUR keeps it constant. Every time the cutterbar is lowered, the pre-set cutting height mechanism automatically moves to the preselected cutting height.

    AUTO CONTOUR goes a step further by compensating all ground irregularities, including those which are transverse to the direction of travel. Sensor bands below the cutterbar provide early detection of undulations and trigger the corresponding cutterbar rams on the feeder housing.

    • Electronic sensors detect the hydraulic pressure in the system and react quickly
    • Valve-controlled, nitrogen-filled accumulators ensure optimal shock absorption with front attachments of different weights

    A more cost-effective way to work.
    With fully automated comparison of the current status and the setpoint, AUTO CONTOUR adapts the cutterbar position optimally to the terrain. This greatly simplifies the work of harvesting, particularly with large cutting widths, at night, with laid crops, on side slopes and rocky ground. AUTO CONTOUR helps increase performance and make the use of the combine pay even greater dividends.

    Automatic reel control.
    The reel speed – and thus the circumferential reel speed is adjusted automatically in proportion to the ground speed. The driver can set and store different ratios of ground speed to reel speed.

    Infinitely variable reel speed.
    The reel speed can be adjusted infinitely between the feed, synchronised, and run-on speeds. A digital speed sensor enables precise speed adjustment. A variable displacement pump on the AVERO supplies a maximum torque of 1000 Nm at the reel. The result: plenty of pulling power thanks to high torque. A hydraulic overload protection system provides protection against damage.

    The first compact machine with VARIO.

    A unique competitive edge.

    The AVERO is the first combine harvester to unite a machine of the compact class with the VARIO high-performance cutterbar. This is a unique combination from which you’ll reap the benefits every time you use it:

    • Highest throughput due to particularly even crop intake
    • Two different VARIO cutterbar widths: V 600, V 540
    • Hydrostatic reel drive
    • Reliable, rugged multifinger intake auger

    Integrated rapeseed equipment.

    Ripe rapeseed pods need careful handling during harvest because they often explode and the grains start flying in all directions. Thus, the rapeseed deflector and extension are invaluable components of the rapeseed equipment on the VARIO cutterbars; they minimise losses on a long-term basis.

    Position blade – 10 cm

    Position blade + 20 cm

    Position blade + 50 cm

    For grain harvesting, the cutterbar table can be continuously extended forward up to 20 cm or retracted by as much as 10 cm to optimise the crop flow and maximise output.

    For rapeseed, the cutterbar table can be moved forward by 50 cm – the integrated rapeseed table is ready in no time. Hydraulically driven side cutters on the right and on the left (the latter can be switched on and off at will) can be fitted quickly and easily without additional tools.

    The knife bar comes with an integrated hydraulic drive.

    Even crop flow.
    The VARIO high-performance cutterbar feeds the crop uniformly to the threshing unit. This is the only way to increase performance and to utilise the full design capacity. Furthermore, it reduces fuel consumption and supports the operator in significantly increasing productivity.

    • High speed stability in the engine, threshing and separation units as well as during cleaning
    • Extremely consistent performance
    • No load peaks in the threshing equipment
    • Protection of the drives

    The folding cutterbar saves an enormous amount of time.*

    Narrow roads, cramped paths, heavy traffic: with its folding cutterbar, the AVERO lets nothing stand in the way of top daily output.

    The folding cutterbars eliminate the attachment and detachment of the cutterbar, ensure optimal handling during travel with outstanding visibility and enable transfers from one field to the next with practically no interruption.

    • No additional trailer necessary
    • Drastically reduced set-up times
    • Tremendous savings of time and costs
    • Extremely easy operation
    • High operational reliability
    • Safer in road traffic
    • Greater efficiency


    Step 1: Transport.
    The compact design ensures optimum visibility and excellent manoeuvrability in severely restricted spaces while taking into account the permissible transport width.


    Step 2: Pivoting.
    The fully automatic folding function is activated at the touch of a button. The strong, sectional frame construction makes for precise actuation and ensures long-term operating reliability.


    Step 3: Harvesting.
    The folding cutterbar is ready for action in a matter of seconds. Move the dividers into position, engage the drive shaft and you’re ready to go.

    Maximum effectiveness. CONSPEED LINEAR.

    A high picking rate with protective handling of maize ears at the same time has a critical influence on the throughput of the machine. The CONSPEED LINEAR maize picker meets these requirements and is perfectly matched to the capabilities of the AVERO.

    • 4 and 5 row versions with 70 and 75 cm row spacing
    • Linear snapping rollers
    • Knives coated with tungsten carbide
    • Fast, easy speed adjustment
    • Energy-saving drive thanks to a redesigned, rugged snapping gear
    • Electrohydraulic snapping plate adjustment
    • Horizontal chopper

    CONSPEED LINEAR sunflower kit.
    The CONSPEED LINEAR maize picker can be converted for sunflower harvesting with a kit. This involves mounting knives over the snapping rollers as well as adding a lateral cover extension and an attachment on the back of the CONSPEED. The chain is turned and the guide changed.

    More expertise for rice and soybeans. FLEX cutterbar.*

    FLEX: down-to-earth quality.

    Legumes such as soybeans grow in pods close to the ground. Thus to prevent substantial losses during harvesting, the crops must be cut as close as possible to the ground to ensure that every last pod gets picked up by the machine.

    FLEX cutterbars from CLAAS are equipped with a flexible knife bar which compensates automatically for the slightest ground contours. The knife bar can flex up to 100 mm. Together with the V channel, it enables intake losses to be avoided under all field conditions.

    These cutterbars are also suited for peas and other specialised crops such as clover.

    Dual blade knife bar

    Soybean plant with pods

    Hardened intake auger

    Dual blade knife bar.

    Rice stalks are extremely tough. To achieve clean, top quality cutting results at a high rate in this hard, unforgiving crop, all the rice cutterbars are equipped with a dual blade knife bar. The specially hardened knife blades are particularly durable. A rice harvesting system is available as a retrofit kit for the new VARIO and CERIO 930 and 770 cutterbars.

    Hardened intake auger.

    The intensive irrigation of rice fields leads to high levels of dirt particles on the plants, which is particularly tough on combines during harvesting operations. To protect against wear, the edges of the hardened intake auger are sintered. Special deflectors on its sides reliably prevent wrapping. Altogether, these features ensure smooth crop flow and high throughput.

    Special crop dividers.

    The FLEX cutterbars are equipped with special crop dividers which can be deflected vertically, thereby avoiding damage and preventing interruptions to the harvesting process.

    A versatile operator.

    The FLEX cutterbars also offer outstanding flexibility thanks to the knife bar which can be set to rigid mode manually, thus allowing it to be used for other crops, such as grains.