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Forage Harvester for harvesting and chopping all kinds of crops and forages planted in furrow or straight line, as corn, sorghum, sugarcane, maralfalfa pasture, etc. The new model C JF Forage Harvester powered by dual driveshaft, offers 30% more production with unmatched uniformity in chopped size which guarantees the best nutritional outcomes, both in daily dealings and as in silage.

  • · New blade with exclusive “C” design that cuts and throws the forage with high efficiency, ensuring the breaking of grains, allowing the livestock a maximum utilization of nutrients.
    · New rotor with 6 blades that allows up to 18 different cut sizes.
    · Equipped with 4 rollers (2 cutters and 2 feeders) that ensure high uniformity of court.
    · Picker platform with increased capacity that reduces wear on the gears and requires less power, reducing fuel consumption.
    · Riser and discharge tube that ensures a continuous flow of the chopped material. Reinforced and without internal welds.
    · Operated by means of universal joints and gearboxes, ensuring high efficiency in transmission of power from the tractor to the rotor.
    · Turning control of the discharge tube, manual or hydraulic from the tractor seat.
    · Safety device that protects the equipment in case of accidental blockage.
    · Integrated blades sharpener.
    · Reinforced driveshaft.



Production (ton/hr) Number and cut sizes (mm) Blades Power (hp) Weight (kg)
28 18 (5 a 41) 6 50 600

* The performance and operation numbers depend on working conditions, by what may vary.