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  • DOMINATOR 130. Advantages.
    • MULTICROP concave for fast changeover between grain and maize
    • The highly effective CLAAS Intensive Separation System (ISS)
    • Advanced technology for use in all crop types
    • 3-D cleaning system for slopes up to 20%
    • Made in Germany: As always, the DOMINATOR 130 is built at our main plant in Harsewinkel and impresses with its reliable, rugged technology.

    1. Comfort cab
    2. Perkins engine
    3. Intensive straw walker
    4. Straw chopper
    5. Chaffer sieves / TM 6 sieves
    6. 3D-cleaning system
    7. High-velocity cleaning fan

    8. Threshing system
    9. Cutterbar with working widths of 4.27 m and 4.57 m
    10. Crop lifters
    11. Dividers
    12. Mechanical reel drive
    13. Hydraulic reversing

    Drum width1060 mm
    No. of straw walkers4
    Grain tank3200 l
    EnginePerkins 1106D-70 TA
    Maximum output (ECE R 120)112 (152) kW (CV)

    Makes the most of the crop.
    The DOMINATOR is equipped with the CLAAS threshing unit, which has proven its worth over and over again in the field. Clean threshing, protective grain handling, optimal deawning and high separation efficiency deliver the excellent grain quality expected in the market today.

    Left: without 3D / Right: with 3D

    3D turns slopes into level ground.
    In addition, the AVERO is equipped with the impressive features of the 3D-cleaning system developed by CLAAS:

    Dynamic side slope levelling via active control of the upper sieve
    Completely consistent performance on side slopes up to 20%
    No wear – completely maintenance free
    Fast, simple retrofitting

    Intensive separation.
    The high efficiency of CLAAS intensive separation systems has also impressed users for years. A controlled agitator tine above each of the straw walkers digs deep into the straw, loosening and fluffing it and so increasing the separation performance.

    Top chopping.
    The straw walker design ensures optimum straw quality for baling. And if there is no need to harvest the straw, you can simply use the chopper, whose 40 blades and speed of 3300 rpm ensure that it is chopped short and distributed evenly over the entire width of the cutterbar.

  • Everything in view.

    Optimum visibility.
    You are always in touch with what’s going on thanks to the large glazed area of the cab. It ensures you have an unrestricted view to the front and the sides so that you can monitor the cutterbar at all times.

    Excellent lighting.
    The powerful work lights turn night into day: two running lights, two work lights on the cab and a spotlight for the discharge spout ensure optimal illumination of every last corner of your working environment.

    All information at a glance in central display

    Commanding operating position.
    You can only concentrate on your work fully and work with maximum productivity if you have a comfortable seating position and can assimilate all the relevant information at a glance. Sitting in the comfortable operator’s seat of the DOMINATOR, you have all the key information in your immediate field of vision, including the analogue displays for the cutting height and ground pressure. What’s more, the control and monitoring console with throughput monitoring is organised clearly and easy to operate.

    The steering column is adjustable for maximum comfort. The central display integrated in the steering column provides all the key information:

    Warning lights for parameters/conditions such as engine temperature, battery charge, engine oil pressure, air filter, handbrake status
    Grain tank filling status for 100% and 70% full
    Function monitoring, such as the speed of the feeder housing, grain elevator, returns elevator, intensive separation system drive and the straw chopper; display of the speed of the transmission input shaft or the threshing drum

    View of grain tank

    Direct view.
    Sometimes a glance into the grain tank can tell you more than any number of sensors. A large inspection window in the back of the DOMINATOR cab enables visual yield monitoring. The returns can be seen comfortably from the operator’s seat and the returns monitoring flap can be opened from the cab by means of a lever.

    Ergonomic cab.
    There is usually only a narrow window of opportunity for the harvest. This means that you have to be able to concentrate fully on your work with every control input carried out correctly and instantaneously. The controls in the DOMINATOR are organised with this in mind: each lever and control is located in exactly the right position to ensure that you always have a full grasp of the situation and can avoid unnecessary control inputs.

  • Threshing system. Absolutely economical.

    Greater profitability.
    The DOMINATOR delivers a long-term reduction in your harvest costs and so meets the need for greater profitability. The CLAAS threshing mechanism has demonstrated its excellent performance characteristics hundreds of thousands of times and it goes without saying that it provides clean threshing, protective grain handling, optimal deawning and high separation efficiency. In this way, even the smallest member of our family ensures optimum grain quality and responds to the growing demands of the market.

    Advanced technology.
    The DOMINATOR may be smaller than other combines, but its threshing performance is extremely powerful. It also impresses with its first-class technology. The rugged Vario drive with automatic tensioning allows the rotation speed of the threshing drum to be adjusted continuously and delivers high torque reliably – even under difficult conditions. Like the concave gap, it can be adjusted from the cab. Furthermore, for optimum deawning and decortication, an intensive threshing segment can be fitted to/removed from the front concave segment area quickly and easily.

    Proven straw-walker technology.
    Residual grain separation is carried out over a total length of 3900 mm with four steps. Even large volumes of straw are transported rapidly and loosely along the four straw walkers. Extensions can be attached to the straw walkers for intensive loosening, especially in the case of wet and heavy straw.

    Active fluffing.
    The intensive separation system from CLAAS has also proved itself countless times and has impressed users for years with its high efficiency. The controlled agitator tine above each of the four straw walkers digs deep into the straw, loosening and fluffing it and so increasing the separation performance.

    Large stone trap.
    The large stone trap ensures a high degree of safety. It is easy to open and is self-emptying.

    Cleaning. Effective on slopes, too.

    Izquierda sin 3D / derecha con 3D

    Left: without 3D / Right: with 3D

    A clean crop, whatever the angle.
    Pre-sorting of the crop to be cleaned takes place on the long preparation floor of the DOMINATOR. The heavy grains accumulate at the bottom, the light chaff and short straw above, on the preparation floor. The resulting reduction in the load on the upper sieve increases the cleaning capacity.

    Powerful fan.
    A powerful fan in the DOMINATOR makes for excellent grain cleaning. The fan, which can be adjusted continuously from the left side of the machine, ensures consistent air pressure and even distribution of air. Forced air guidance prevents the formation of crop mats. In addition, the DOMINATOR benefits from the impressive characteristics of the 3D-cleaning system developed by CLAAS. Additional oscillation of the upper sieve in an uphill direction prevents the build-up of an increased load on one side of the sieve pan. Even when the combine is operating on a 20% side slope, the crop is cleaned perfectly without the need for any reduction in ground speed.

    Large grain tank.

    The DOMINATOR has a grain tank capacity of 3200 litres, an impressive figure for a machine in its output class. The grain tank can also be emptied quickly without leaving any residual grains.

    Straw management. Powerful straw chopper.

    The straw walker design ensures optimum straw quality for baling. And if there is no need to harvest the straw, you can simply use the chopper, whose 40 blades and speed of 3300 rpm ensure that it is chopped short and distributed evenly over the entire width of the cutterbar.

  • Superior performance, even in rice.

    A threshing mechanism that’s easy on the crop.
    As rice forms panicles rather than ears, the threshing process is more a question of combing out. This is why the DOMINATOR has a spike tooth concave instead of the rasp bar threshing drum normally used for harvesting cereal crops. This ensures that the delicate rice grains are not damaged during threshing. Additional toothed bars are bolted to the impeller.

    Effective residual grain separation.
    For rice harvesting, each of the four 3900-mm-long straw walkers can be equipped with rice riders. In addition, controlled agitator tines above each straw walker dig deep into the straw, loosening and fluffing it. Given the particularly hard and aggressive character of rice straw, this results in a significant improvement in residual grain separation.

    Dirt-resistant grain collection.
    As a result of the special cultivation technique used, rice is in immediate contact with water. This represents an extremely challenging working environment for harvesting machines. Soil constituents dissolved by the water adhere to the plant with the result that an extremely large proportion of dirt is picked up by the machine during harvesting. This is why the grain collection components are made of wear-resistant materials.

    Steel crawler belts.
    The flooding of the rice fields during the growing season means that ground conditions can be very wet at harvest time. To facilitate mechanical harvesting, the DOMINATOR is equipped with special steel crawler belts which prevent the vehicle from sinking in deeply and have an impressively high load bearing capacity.

    Steering axle optimised for use in rice.
    The steering axle can be equipped with a wheel position indicator. With this feature fitted, the position of the rear wheels, which is difficult to see from the operator’s seat, is indicated mechanically in the cab. All the axle bearings are specially sealed and protected against moisture and the wet. Furthermore, the height of the steering axle has been increased to provide greater ground clearance when operating in wet terrain.

  • Engine. Powerful and economical.

    The DOMINATOR 130 is equipped with the latest engine technology from Perkins:

    Perkins 1106D-70TA
    Maximum output (ECE R 120): 112 kW/152 hp
    Diesel tank capacity: 200 l

    Economical technology.

    The powerful, rugged 6-cylinder diesel engine from Perkins is perfectly matched to the DOMINATOR. Thanks to the Perkins engine technology you have even more power at your disposal: the output of 112 kW/152 hp ensures that sufficient power is available in every harvesting situation. The engines comply with the Tier 3 emissions standard.

    The highly advanced Stage IIIa technology (Tier 3) and CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS represent an investment in top performance and the highest work quality – at an optimum price. What’s more, the technology allows exhaust gas emissions to be reduced significantly – to a level which complies with the current standards – without the need for costly additional equipment such as a diesel particulate filter or an SCR catalyst.

    Drive. Powerful and economical.

    Fuel-saving drive.
    With its rugged mechanical drive the DOMINATOR offers you a reliable system which allows direct power transmission and so saves fuel.

    Intelligent layout.
    The engine compartment is situated immediately behind the grain tank for easy access when carrying out maintenance tasks. All the key assemblies can be reached quickly and easily from the large service platform.

    Optimal tyres.

    Tyres - drive axleVehicle width (m)
    18.4-30 12PR R1 TT KB2,69
    23.1-26 12PR R1 KB F203,04
    23.1-26 12PR R1 KB F162,83
    23.1-26 R2 Dia3,04
    620/75 R26 16EA8 F203,04
    750/65 (R26) 166A8 TL Mi3,14
    Steel half track3,39
    Tyres - steering axleVehicle width (m)
    12.5/80-18 IMP (320/80-18)2,43
    14.5/75-20 IMP(360/80-20)2,72
    9.5-24 R12,68

  • Maintenance – quickly carried out.

    Easy access.
    Long on maintenance intervals, short on downtime – that’s the DOMINATOR. When it is finally time to carry out maintenance tasks, large maintenance doors all round provide unrestricted access to all the maintenance points.

    What’s more, you can access the engine compartment quickly by means of the portable ladder. The radiator frame pivots to allow manual cleaning to be carried out quickly. The cab filter and air filter are also very easy to clean. Small repairs can be carried out rapidly with the high-quality tools contained in the standard-fit toolbox.

  • Cutterbar. Equal to every task.

    Impressive track record.
    Speed, flexibility, versatility and experience acquired over many generations – these are prerequisites for working efficiently and profitably. The DOMINATOR has been built in Harsewinkel for over 30 years, during which it has undergone continuous development. The robust, reliable technology has been refined regularly and has proved itself countless times throughout this combine’s long career. Whether harvesting grain, rapeseed, maize, sunflowers or rice, the DOMINATOR is equal to every task.

    Ideally equipped.

    Two different cutterbar widths are available for the DOMINATOR:

    C4204,27 m
    C4504,57 m

    Hydraulic reversing

    Fast reversing.
    The DOMINATOR is equipped with a hydraulic reverse system which ensures that the machine is back in action again quickly if a blockage should ever occur. The hydraulic system enables protective reversing with high starting torque. It is actuated conveniently from the cab by means of a toggle switch.

    A perfect cut.

    The cutterbars can be attached and detached quickly and easily. The adjustable balancing springs on the hydraulic cylinders ensure excellent ground following. The robust knife drive, the resilient double fingers and the long stroke of the knives guarantee a clean, reliable cut while the crop lifters ensure loss-free crop pick-up.

    These characteristics – along with the long distance between the knives and the intake auger, the high auger thread and the universal feeder housing with three intake chains – ensure an absolutely even crop flow.

    Maximum effectiveness. CONSPEED LINEAR.

    A high picking rate with protective handling of maize ears at the same time has a critical influence on the throughput of the machine. The CONSPEED LINEAR maize picker meets these requirements and is perfectly matched to the capabilities of the DOMINATOR 130.

    – 4-row version with 70 and 75 cm row spacing
    – Linear snapping rollers
    – Knives coated with tungsten carbide
    – Fast, easy speed adjustment
    – Energy-saving drive thanks to a redesigned, rugged snapping gear
    – Mechanical snapping plate adjustment
    – Horizontal chopper

    The CONSPEED LINEAR can be equipped for sunflower harvesting with a sunflower kit.