Ferrari HB50 Plus Moto-mower

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The HB 50 Plus Powersafe moto-mower is a versatile machine equipped with a Powersafe multi disc hydraulic clutch. It is available in two versions: gasoline and diesel engine. It has 3 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds and quick inverter as well as the locking differential that enhances their ability to maneuver. The power take-off is independent of the change, with oil bath connection that ensures optimal performance and eliminates any maintenance.

The mower bars available, from 1.15 to 1.80 m, they are Laser, Elasto Laser, SF or Duplex type.

    • Engine: Gasoline / Diesel
    • Power: 11.8 HP (8.7 KW) / 10.2 HP (7.5 KW)
    • Starter: Manual, rope
    • No. of speeds: 3 speeds forward + 3 speeds reverse
    • Quick reverser:  yes
    • Clutch: Hydraulic Powersafe with manual operation
    • Brakes:  Independent work brakes on every wheel and Parking Brake
    • PTO: independent at 990 rpm with engagement in oil bath
    • Differential: Yes, with block
    • Handlebar: adjustable and reversible mounted on shock absorbers
    • Wheels: 5.0-10
    • Mowing Bar: 1.15, 1.35, 1.55 m Láser. 1.15, 1.35, 1.55, 1.75 m Láser Elasto. 1.15 – 1.45 m SF. 1.20, 1.50, 1.80 Dúplex
    • Safety devices: ‘Motor Stop’ combined with the clutch
    • Weight: 140 Kg
    • Recommended use: Big sized farms

  • powersafe

    The hydraulic clutch in an oil bath PowerSafe®, allows anyone to approach each Ferrari HB50 Plus Moto-mower, sure that he can always use it safely, with the utmost performance and with the advantage of a cutting-edge technology, already used in the most advanced segment of the automotive.

    The principal characteristics of the new clutch: 
1. Performance: benefiting from the full capabilities and versatility of the machine without jeopardising its lifespan. 
2. Reliability: a hydraulic clutch with no maintenance or adjustment and a practically unlimited duration, even in heavy use with alternating movement tools (cutter bars) or in use at a high inertia level (lawn mower or heavy-duty mower).
3. Security: immediate machine stopping due to an integrated automatic brake. The tool also stops upon release of the handlebar. 
4. Comfort: elimination of preliminary stages for engine starting. The engine runs continuously even when the operator releases the handlebar. Controls are ergonomic with a soft, progressive clutch.

    The Powersafe has been rewarded in FIMA CIMAG 2010 and 2011 as “Outstanding New Technology ‘and complies with the European Standard EN709 / A.

  • The Ferrari HB50 Plus Moto can mount Laser, SF or Duplex mowing bars.

    Laser Mowing Bar

    SF mowing bar (semi-thin teeth) is composed by a comb of fingers that remain static and a section of blades that are moved with an alternative movement. The protection that the fingers offer to blades makes this bar particularly indicated for the grass-cutting in land with presence of stones.

    Available for this Moto-Mower in 1.15 and 1.45 m.



    SF Mowing bar

    The SF mowing bar (semi-thin sections counterstained with teeth) is composed of a comb of fingers that remain static and a section of knives that are moved with a reciprocating motion. The protection that the fingers offer to knives makes this bar particularly indicated for the grass-cutting in land with presence of stones.

    Available for this mower in 1.15 and 1.45 m.




    Duplex Mowing Bar

    The Duplex Mowing Bar is double alternative movement: blades and teeth are moved simultaneously in opposed way. The movement of the fingers eliminates the possibility of the moto-mower to get obturate, allowing a constant speed of work without compromising the quality of the cut. The fingers also protect the blades of the impact against stones or other foreign bodies. Once worn by the use, the fingers can be replaced easily without removing the blade of the cut group.

    The elastic blades-tighteners are auto-adjustable through ‘leaf spring’ and maintain constant the properties of the ‘scissors’ cut to avoid the typical manual regulations of other mowing bars. When the blades must be replaced, the blades-tighteners are inhibited quickly, making possible a replacement of the same in a few seconds.The blades are reinforced with a thickness of 2.5 mm and enjoy thermal treatments that increase its hardness and strength.

    Its working speed is higher than the other bars, even when mowing product is very dense, making it an excellent bar to large farms and any type of product, from delicate grass to brushwood.

    Available for this moto-mower 1.20, 1.50 and 1.80 m.