Vertical Mixer Kuhn 5127

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The 5127 is single-auger vertical mixers designed for small cow/calf, backgrounder and dairy operations that process and mix high percentages of hay – These smaller- capacity mixers can process up to 100% hay to get more roughage in the ration – The Vertical Maxx vertical mixers can mix a wide variety of feedstuffs, including round bales, large square bales and baleage – These machines feature one free-standing mixing auger, a simple planetary drive system, right-side discharge and replaceable hay cutting knives – The single-auger Vertical Maxx will provide excellent mixing, processing, and unloading performance at a price you can afford.

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    The tall door height allows for superior feed flow and less binding in high-hay rations, especially when discharging 100% dry, grassy, round-bale hay.

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    The quiet planetary drive has very few moving parts and is specifically designed to meet the most difficult mixing conditions.

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    A special secondary discharge kicker on the auger helps provide a more uniform discharge rate and decreases unloading time.

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    Several types of two-position hay-cutting knives are available for different applications. Knives may be set out to improve processing or set in to reduce horsepower.

Capacity – no extensions (m3) 7.6
Capacity – no extensions (cu.ft) 270
Number of augers 1
Overall height – no extensions (cm) 231
Overall height – no extensions (inch) 91
Overall width – without options (cm) 254
Overall width (inch) 100
Tread width (cm) 208
Tread width (in) 82
Weight (kg) 2313
Weight (lb) 5100
Drive Planetary
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 37
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 50
Maximum load  (kg) 3062
Maximum load  (lb) 6750
Door opening (HxW cm) 91×99
Door opening (HxW inch) 36×39
Auger Diameters (cm) 218
Auger Diameters (inch) 86