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Lightness combined with power.

  • Backpack Cifarelli’s mist sprayers, manufactured since 1967, are very used also in gardening field as well as in agriculture field.

    They are utilized by professional gardeners to effect disinfesting treatments with particular plant protection products (for which they have a special permit) on plants with a height of 10-11 meters, hedges located in villas, buildings, etc. It’s a professional mist sprayer equipment which grants advanced technology, high quality and endurance.

    The use of knapsack sprayer (named Ultra Low Volume) allows treatments of larger protection than the one reached with the sprinkling (knapsack pumps, pumps, etc). Thanks to the micronization (average: 90-120 Micron) and to the air which carries the chemical product and moves the leaves, you can reach a covering of both surfaces; with the sprinkling, on the other hand, the drops are thrown by the booster pump (average: 200-400 Micron), which, meeting the leaves, treats only one side of them. The mist-sprayer allows the working with a product which is more concentrated (then the use of less water quantity).

    Due to the variety of chemical products on the market, it’s not possible for us to supply a standard; therefore the dilution will have to be asked to the treatment’s producer or seller. In case of needs, our mist sprayers can be used also as blowers; we can also supply you a suitable pipes kit (to improve its use) and a vacuum kit.

  • Best weight/power relation

    Engine: engine from 77 cc to 5 HP planned and produced by us especially for the knapsack mist-sprayer.
    Ergonomics: padded shoulder straps and back.
    Use: without accessories it can be utilised also with exit pipe turned upwards.
    Safety: gas lever with STOP and complete protective casing.
    Durability: engine with materials for high performances and durability (as chromium plated cylinder).
    Materials: using of advanced materials to combine reliability and lightness.

    Complete and versatile equipment

    All machines are supplied complete for liquids.
    They are supplied with a big range of accessories in order to satisfy all kind of needs.
    Standard supplies:

    •wide spray jet
    •45° spreader (very useful to treat from the bottom to the top the low side of the leaf on brushes that are not so high).
    •spherical spreader to attenuate air to be used inside the greenhouses in order to avoid a big impact of the air on flowers.


    Engine Cifarelli C7

    Single-cylinder, two-stroke, air cooled

    Cilinder Displacement 77 cc
    Power 3,6 Kw (5 HP)
    Ignition Electronic
    Carburettor Diaphragm with primer
    Liquids tank capacity 17 L
    Liquid exit 0-4 L/min
    Powder exit (optional) 0 – 6 Kg/min
    Liquid maximum range horiz. 17 m, vert. 15 m
    Air speed 125 m/seg
    Air volume 20 m³/min
    Packaging Carton box cm 50 x 74 x 37

    N.B. The maximum range is the faster point reached with chemical product. The protection range depends on the union of chemical product used, wind presence, treatment speed, etc. In order to reach the longest distance, the equipment has to be used without sprayer nozzle, keeping the pipe in the same position, in absence of wind.

    Models with Pump

    SIf it’s necessary, we suggest you to buy the equipment with the pump already assembled by our factory. The application of the pump after the purchase is not recommended and also more expensive.

    Models with filling pump (PRA)

    The models with filling pump allows to fill up the tank without taking off the mist-sprayers from the shoulders.

    Models with booster pump (PSA)

    The booster pump allows to have a higher and more stable pressure of liquid exit. For this reason, it’s suggested to people which need a better control of liquid exit.

    The models with booster pump can be equipped with extension pipe with length till 3 metres. This is particulary useful for trees positioned in windy areas. The use of the extension pipe doesn’t increase the protection throwing but allows a lower dispersion due to the wind.
    We suggest the use of booster pump also for the ULV nozzle and for the treatments with chemical products that require a continuous mixing.

    Models with filling and booster pump (PSRA)

    These models are supplied with a special device that allows the use of the filling and booster pump.

    Model M3A M3PRA M3PSA M3PSRA
    Filling pump X X
    Booster pump X X
    Weight when empty Kg: 11,55 12,00 11,90 12,20

    0G.272.00 Kit for powders or granular materials
    0G.104.00 ULV nozzle – it allows the reaching of a bigger exit uniformity and distribution of the product (we suggest booster pump models).
    0G.150.00 Kit 3 nozzles with calibrated pastilles – Ø 1,5 – Ø 2,5 – Ø 4,0.
    0G.274.00 Double liquids outflow
    24.002.00 Double powders outflow
    24.019.00 Extension pipe (only for models with booster pump)
    0G.041.00 Vacuum set
    0G.095.00 Pipes and spreader kit for blowing
    0G.096.00 Kit for apiculture

    We can also supply you a pastilles kit to obtain a calibrated exit on standard sprayer nozzle.

    Due to the constant improvement on Cifarelli’s products, the above mentioned features may change without prior notice and/or without any obligation to upgrade previously sold devices